Where I Struggled With Flutter

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that it was fun and easy to code in Flutter. But that does not mean there were no difficulties. In this post I will cover a couple of areas where I struggled. The post will go into some technical details regarding Flutter and android development. So if you are not interested in them you might not care much. Feel free to skip. Building the UI I come from android background and building UI is quite different in Flutter. I actually like the way you write code to build the UI in Flutter … Continue reading “Where I Struggled With Flutter”

Experience With Flutter

In one of my previous posts I mentioned about a project that I wrote entirely using Flutter. This is the continuation of that post. I will go into the details of how Flutter became the platform of choice and my experience with it. Let me preface by saying that this may be interesting only to a limited set of software engineers. So if you are not one of them, it’ll serve you best to skip this post. What is the project? If you haven’t read my previous post explaining the project, here is a brief recap. I have a bunch … Continue reading “Experience With Flutter”

The Friends Roster Project

While 2020 has tied many people to their homes, it also encouraged many to seek out old friends. The same happened with me and a bunch of my friends. I have lost touch with a lot of my school, college and work friends as the years passed. You find new friends. You get busy with work and family and eventually don’t find time to call or meet friends as much as you might have when you were young. When I look back at my school or college days, I think of all the time spent with them. Not just during … Continue reading “The Friends Roster Project”