Where I Struggled With Flutter

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that it was fun and easy to code in Flutter. But that does not mean there were no difficulties. In this post I will cover a couple of areas where I struggled. The post will go into some technical details regarding Flutter and android development. So if you are not interested in them you might not care much. Feel free to skip. Building the UI I come from android background and building UI is quite different in Flutter. I actually like the way you write code to build the UI in Flutter … Continue reading “Where I Struggled With Flutter”

Short-term And Long-term Gains Harvesting

Everybody agrees that long-term gains are almost always preferable to short-term gains. I tend to agree in general. But there are exceptions too for example if you are a retired person like me :). Long term capital gains taxes are lower than the short-term counterparts. For example, short-term capital gains tax on equity is 15% vs 10% on long-term gains. Likewise, debt short-term capital gains are taxed at your applicable tax rate as opposed to 20% on indexed long-term capital gains. And here is your exception if you read carefully. What if your applicable tax rate is less than 20%? … Continue reading “Short-term And Long-term Gains Harvesting”

Franklin Debt Funds Payment Is Here

Finally after almost one year since the Franklin debacle, there is some good news. I received 50% of my investment in Franklin Ultra Short Term fund. That is a sizable chunk of money. I am sure I have never seen as much in my bank account — ever. While it is a sigh of relief, I never so much as doubted that there will be problem in repayment. My only worry was how long it would take for Franklin to repay given the court cases. For once this case moved faster than typical court case duration in India. Anyway I … Continue reading “Franklin Debt Funds Payment Is Here”

Franklin To Disburse Our Investment?

You probably remember the Franklin fiasco that happened some 9 months ago. All those who invested in the six wound up funds have their investments stuck for the past 9 months. While the funds were wound up they were still receiving interest income from the papers that it holds. Some papers matured while some others pre-paid the bonds. So overall Franklin has Rs. 14,391 Cr in income so far according to it’s latest report on Jan 29, 2021. Of this amount 4,621 Cr was used up to pay back its borrowings. The left over Rs. 9,770 Cr is available for … Continue reading “Franklin To Disburse Our Investment?”

Learnings From 2020

The year 2020 has been special in many ways. We have seen something that was unprecedented not only in my life, but even during my parents life. Who would have ever imagined a lock-down of the whole nation for example? Many things were a first in 2020. While the year was not too bad, I did have a few learnings. In this last post (hopefully) in the year review series, I want to go over my learnings. Pretty much all my issues and the resulting lessons were related to Franklin :). Bigger emergency fund One of the problems I faced … Continue reading “Learnings From 2020”

Year In Review – 2020 Plans That Failed

From what you have seen so far in my year in review series, you might think 2020 was not too bad. It seems like most of the things worked out fine for me except for that loss of electronics and Franklin fiasco. But that is not really true. We made a few other plans that just did not go well at all. Here is a review of those disappointments. Consolidating my portfolio When the year started I made a lot of plans to consolidate my debt funds. Like I mentioned in my 2019 year in review I had 9 debt … Continue reading “Year In Review – 2020 Plans That Failed”

Year In Review – 2020 Investments and Redemptions

In the past few posts, I have written about my expenses, investment returns and net worth. In this post I want to show you my investment pattern over the last year. I will try to explain my weird investment behavior. A word of caution though. Do not copy my investment style. It will most likely do you more harm than good. The reason is quite simple. I am a retired person with no income. If I had a salary I would certainly invest differently (read more equity investments). I will most certainly do my monthly investments and not the random … Continue reading “Year In Review – 2020 Investments and Redemptions”

Year In Review – 2020 Net Worth

Continuing on with the year in review series, next up is net worth. This year I wanted to make a small change to my net worth calculations. For the last 2 years I have included my US stocks (employee stocks) as part of my net worth. That has caused a lot of confusion to my readers. While my company stocks in the US are worth something, I am planning to keep it out of the reviews. That corpus is supposed to be used for my international (mostly US) vacation. So no point dragging it into net worth calculations. Another confusion … Continue reading “Year In Review – 2020 Net Worth”

Year In Review – 2020 Expenses

This is the continuation of my 2020 year in review series. See my previous post if you missed my returns report. As you probably already know, I maintain two set of expenses — one for monthly expenses and another for annual expenses. The monthly expenses include expenses that occur more frequently than once a year and the rest of the expenses go into annual expenses. Lets dive deeper into the report. Monthly expenses I have allocated a monthly budget of Rs. 56,000 for the year 2020. Below is the consolidated view of my budget, the actual expenses incurred on average per month, … Continue reading “Year In Review – 2020 Expenses”