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  • Not Saving For Kid Was a Lie

    I've said this several times before that I've not been saving anything for my kid. It is high time that I come out with the truth. I was lying. Well, sort of. Every year on my daughter's birthday, her grand parents from both sides gift her money. The money is not a small amount. It is large enough that they transfer the money to my account asking me to save up for her future. I guess they don't like my radical thoughts when it comes to saving for kid's future? Either way, they have been doing it since my daughter's first birthday in 2014.

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  • Investment Recommendation App I use

    If you remember how I handled the market downturn and why I don't follow the 70:30 allocation, you know the reason behind it. I was just doing what my app was recommending me to do based on the market. For the past few months I have been rewriting the app and finally have parity with the old version. This is one more of those pet projects of mine that I always wanted to work on after retirement and now living the dream :)

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  • The Truth About My Passive Income

    Many people have been wondering and some were asking if I have any other passive income other than my investments in equity and debt mutual funds. Some think that I may have some real estate income or business income or some other income that I am not disclosing. Here is a post to bust some myths and bring out the truth.

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  • My Early Investment Journey

    While I am sitting comfortably today, writing about my journey to early retirement, the initial days of my investment years were not without their share of issues. Let me explain in a bit more detail. When I first started out, I had planned to do a SIP of a certain amount every month and planned on increasing it every year. The increase in SIP I planned at that time was to match up with the inflation rate. The thought process was that if I was just average at work then my salary increments will match up with the inflation for the previous year. At the time of planning my early retirement in 2011, the inflation stood at around 8%, and consequently my projections were to increase SIP by 8% every year.

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  • How Much Should I Invest?

    While having a conversation with one of my friends, it occurred to me that the current calculators are not sufficient to figure out how much to invest per month while increasing the SIP every year to meet your retirement goal. Lets say, you have an age in mind at which point you want to retire. And you want to know how much you should invest every month of every year until you reach your goal. Throw in a twist, which is that you want to increase your investment every year by some fixed percent. There is no calculator on this blog that will tell you how much you should invest every month. Naturally I thought there should be one, and here is that calculator. Hope it helps you reach your goal. Here are some instructions on how to use it.

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