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  • Our Income Sources In Retirement

    While I mentioned my retirement income sources many times before in my blog, I still get questions about that. So I thought I will revisit our income sources after our early retirement in 2018. It has been more than 4 years since we retired and nothing has changed in terms of income sources. I think most people are skeptical when I say I retired early and wonder if I am getting income from multiple sources. Actually that would be a good, probably correct way to retire early. But like many things in my life, I have taken huge risks with very little recourse if things fail. Having a plan B means I don’t have enough trust in Plan A. So plan B really is to make plan A work (you heard that one before didn’t you?). So in this post I will list out all our income sources again.

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  • The Truth About My Passive Income

    Many people have been wondering and some were asking if I have any other passive income other than my investments in equity and debt mutual funds. Some think that I may have some real estate income or business income or some other income that I am not disclosing. Here is a post to bust some myths and bring out the truth.

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