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  • Should You Prepay If You Are Nearing The End Of Loan Period

    I recently wrote a post on whether one should prepay loan or invest if you have extra savings lying around. A reader commented that a friend had a different opinion about prepaying loan when she is already at the end of the loan period. Here is the comment again for your reference – “Not used to loans, but different view from my friend. She had availed personal loan for 4 years (if I’m correct) and was in 3rd year when she received a good bonus that she can close her loan but instead she didn’t. When asked she said as part of EMI she had paid all interest and what she is paying is her principal and very minute interest so she said it’s unworthy to repay the loan. She had a point there”. While she is correct in that, one is paying more of the principal than interest towards the end of a loan period, the benefits of prepaying still remain.

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  • Is The Stock Market Peaking?

    I am a little bit concerned. The stock market has been giving great returns for the past 3 years or so. Since the COVID-19 pandemic there has never been a long drawn bear market scenario. How long can this continue? On top of it, I see more and more people getting involved in trading. Some are even quitting their jobs to do trading full time. Generally, when there is euphoria in the market, you see these kind of events happening. New traders, who think they are investors and think they have the know how, enter the stock market just as the market starts peaking. Then, armed with a bunch of algorithms based on back testing, start to do algo trading. When you see more and more of these people, you know the time has come for the market to crash.

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