Our Real Power Bill Inflation

In the last post I showed you that the electricity inflation over the last 9 was around 7% in Bangalore. Of course the inflation depends on how many units you use. If you are in the lower or higher slab than me then perhaps the inflation may be different for you. Power usage Below you can take look at our power usage (number of units consumed per month) in the last 9 years. As you will notice, the trend line has been trending down over the years. The number of units consumed went down from around 270 units in 2012 … Continue reading “Our Real Power Bill Inflation”

Power Bill Inflation

I don’t normally talk about my inflation numbers in this blog, because I don’t have a lot of data. I am the kind of guy who needs data to talk about things. To make sense of inflation we need at least 7 years worth of data. Ten years data will be more useful though. Thankfully I have some of my electricity bills since 2012. So there is long enough history to see the inflation in electricity bills in Bangalore. From 2012 to 2014 I have some bills but not all. From 2015 onwards I have the bills for each and … Continue reading “Power Bill Inflation”