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  • Budget 2022 And How It Affects Me

    Like last year, here is a quick overview of how the 2022 budget affects me. This is not an analysis or highlights of the budget. I am sure you can find many articles on those topics. This post is more specifically on how the budget affects my financial planning. This year’s budget has absolutely no affect on my financial planning. It is one of the shorter budget speeches. There were a lot of expectations from everyone and I wrote a post on that. Just as predicted, nothing happened. Every year, right before budget there is a lot of noise and anticipation. Budget day comes and goes and everyone is back to their routine :).

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  • Should I Invest in Retail Direct Scheme

    The minute I read about RBI launching retail direct scheme to allow retail investors to invest directly in the government bonds, I got excited. I have a huge portion of my investments in G-Sec (government securities) via various mutual funds. If there is a way I can invest directly with RBI, side stepping mutual funds, I could save on some expenses (expense ratio). Sounds good in theory, but will it work? Here are some of my initial thoughts on the scheme as applicable to me.

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  • The Gilt Experiment

     You've probably heard about the inverse relationship between bond prices and interest rates. When interest rates rise, bond prices fall and vice-versa. How can we use this information to make some money without a lot of volatility? Read along about my experiment with interest rate cycles.

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