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  • Should You Multitask

    People say multitasking is a myth and no one can properly execute it. I agree to a certain extent but not fully. There are times when you can effectively multitask. One of them is when doing mundane tasks that do not require active involvement of my brain. For example, boiling milk, mopping floor, watering plants, washing clothes etc are all tasks that don’t need any useful thinking. I try to multitask when doing such boring things. Most of the time, you will see me with ear plugs listening to audio books or podcasts on my phone. I really feel productive doing multitasking in such situations. But should I multitask? Are there any benefits? Or worse yet, any disadvantages?

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  • Task List For Our Kid

    While unschooling means free spirited learning, sometimes we like to give order to chaos. Our daughter (who is now 7) gets to do whatever she likes whenever she likes. I wanted to see how she would react if we gave her a task list.

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