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  • What Is With The Index Fund NFOs?

    Have you seen the number of NFOs being launched my mutual fund houses in the recent past? What happened? I am not really sure why, but in the last few days my inbox has been receiving all kinds of emails about a new fund offer (NFO) all of which were are for index funds or ETFs. Seems like passive investment is the vogue these days. How did it come into fashion all of a sudden? May be the fund houses think that active funds will not perform well and want to launch some passive funds. Perhaps they wanted to help investors make money. I am just kidding of course.

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  • Market Euphoria And Relevant Trends

    The number of new fund offers (NFO) in the recent past is giving me the jitters. Have you seen how many NFOs were offered? And investors are just lapping them up clean. And let us not even talk about the IPOs. I am not here to make predictions, but the market seems to be reaching euphoric phase. And you know what that means to the stock market once the excitement subsides.

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