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  • Is Investing Early Really That Important

    Many financial planners and advisors including yours truly will have you believe that it is important to start investing early if you want to have a comfortable retirement corpus. In fact this is the first step I propose in my five step plan to early retirement. After all it makes sense right? You have a long runway if you start early and it will allow compounding to show its effects. Compounding needs time. But is it really all there is to it? The genesis of this thought was an article that I recently read on the internet. While there is a kernel of truth, it is not all its made out to be. Let me try and explain using the information from the article.

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  • Eating Healthy

    Several people approach me for advice on eating healthy and staying fit. And I have helped quite a few and even trained them at the gym so they could become healthy and fit. But I never succeeded in keeping them healthy or fit. Because it is much harder to change a person's mindset than changing habits and without a mindset change the new habits won't stick and they fall back to old habits. When it comes to health and fitness, it is a like an impossible ideal. It is as difficult, if not more, to continue to stay healthy than achieving it. But since so many people are asking about some health tips, I thought I will write one with my experiences.

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