Dilemma Of An Upper Middle Class Parent

One of the things that I observed is that as kids move from middle class to upper middle class, the fire and hunger to achieve comes down. Kids in lower or middle class families have a thirst to learn and achieve that slowly mellows down as the lifestyle improves. Some how I feel they become more complacent. Take the case of my daughter . I don’t see her putting the kind of effort that some others do. A problem I attribute to our upper middle class lifestyle. My kid plays with a few other neighborhood kids. They all speak in … Continue reading “Dilemma Of An Upper Middle Class Parent”

Carbohydrates – What to Eat

In my previous post, I gave a brief introduction to eating healthy food, but I did not divulge into too much details as to what constitutes a healthy diet. This post is a continuation of it. What is a healthy diet then? Actually there isn’t much to say about healthy food. Almost everyone knows what is healthy and what is not. So I won’t even try to enumerate them. Staying healthy has more to do with the grit and self control more than anything else. You subconsciously already know when you are about to eat unhealthy. Disclaimer: I am neither … Continue reading “Carbohydrates – What to Eat”