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  • How To Prepare For A Hard Disk Failure

    In April 2021, my 8TB media center hard disk suddenly stopped working. It started to make the “click of death” sounds while we were watching some movie and my heart sank. I knew this could be the end of life for the drive. I turned off the media center PC and turned it on but it was unable to discover the HDD. Bad luck struck. At least I am prepared for such kind of an event, so it was not too bad. The drive contains all my important files, photos, videos, music and movies. I purchased the drive in November 2016, so it lasted a good four and a half years. Not bad for a drive that has been running almost 24/7.

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  • Year In Review – 2020 Plans That Failed

    From what you have seen so far in my year in review series, you might think 2020 was not too bad. It seems like most of the things worked out fine for me except for that loss of electronics and Franklin fiasco. But that is not really true. We made a few other plans that just did not go well at all. Here is a review of those disappointments.

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