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  • What Is With The Index Fund NFOs?

    Have you seen the number of NFOs being launched my mutual fund houses in the recent past? What happened? I am not really sure why, but in the last few days my inbox has been receiving all kinds of emails about a new fund offer (NFO) all of which were are for index funds or ETFs. Seems like passive investment is the vogue these days. How did it come into fashion all of a sudden? May be the fund houses think that active funds will not perform well and want to launch some passive funds. Perhaps they wanted to help investors make money. I am just kidding of course.

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  • Should You Invest in Bharat Funds?

    By now everyone must have heard about the PSU based ETFs, namely, Bharat 22 ETF and Bharat Bonds EFT. Should you invest in them because they carry the safety of investing in companies mostly owned by the government? That is the topic of today's post, but I will be brief.

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  • Are Index Funds Better Than Active Funds?

    In the US, index investing is all the rage. John Bogle who started the first index fund, contends that an index fund beats almost all actively managed mutual funds (after accounting for fees) in the long run. But does it work in India? That was the experiment I set out to conduct in early 2012.

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