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  • Buying Stuff

    In the past, my buying pattern used to be like this – Hmm, it has been a couple of years since I purchased my last laptop / phone / insert some tech gadget here, I think it is time to upgrade. Let me see what the latest and greatest available technology is today in the market. Core i7 with 4 cores and nVidia graphics card is the latest. What is a good laptop brand? Ok, let me buy it. Done! Do you see any issues with this kind of thinking? Well there are a lot of things that are wrong with what I just said there.

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  • Internet Addiction Is A Thing

    As parents of an unschooled kid we never really have any restrictions on most things our daughter wants to do. However, in the recent past, we had to bring in some restrictions. As you might recall, I am an ardent supporter of technology. And so, I believe that kids should also grow up with technology if they want to find their place in this world. My spouse on the other hand does not quite agree with me in this regard :). Anyway, the point of this post is not about whether technology is good or bad for kids, but more about whether they can self regulate addictive behavior.

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  • How I Spend As A Minimalist

    Minimalism in general sounds a bit odd to most people. Most of the time they tend to think that minimalism means being too miserly or living on a tight budget. But the reality is not even close to anything like that. Of course we do run on a budget, but certainly not on tight budget. Likewise, we spend quite a bit where we think it makes sense. Where we don't see value, we tend to spend less. Minimalism is not about being a miser or not spending at all but about spending on stuff that is important to you.

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