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  • Revisiting My Stance on SGB

    A reader asked if I could share my views on Sovereign Gold Bonds. I have already expressed my views on SGBs more than 3 years ago. Since it has been a while I thought I should revisit and see if my views have changed. Although nothing has changed from my perspective, it may still be a good investment for some. So I decided to do another post on SGB with the latest information.

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  • Should I Invest in Retail Direct Scheme

    The minute I read about RBI launching retail direct scheme to allow retail investors to invest directly in the government bonds, I got excited. I have a huge portion of my investments in G-Sec (government securities) via various mutual funds. If there is a way I can invest directly with RBI, side stepping mutual funds, I could save on some expenses (expense ratio). Sounds good in theory, but will it work? Here are some of my initial thoughts on the scheme as applicable to me.

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  • Are Sovereign Gold Bonds a Good Investment Option?

    Sovereign gold bonds are open for subscription starting today (July 6, 2020) and will end on July 10, 2020. Should you invest in them? Sovereign gold bonds are issued by RBI and thus are one of the safest investments. If you like to invest in gold, but don't want to hold physical gold, this is a good option for you. The issue price is set at Rs. 4,852 per gram, but if you buy online, you get a discount of Rs. 50. You have to buy a minimum of 1 gram up to a maximum of 4 kgs. But is this a good investment? If you rather watch a video instead of reading then scroll to the bottom of the post.

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