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  • Body Types and How It Affects Us

    Did you know that the way you look if you do not do anything special with diet or exercise, is the way your genetics dictate. Yes, that is the unfortunate truth. You acquire the propensity to be naturally fat or lean from your parents. But that need not be the end of story. You definitely can change that. The problem is that the obesity and diabetic cases are increasing year on year. If everyone just acquired their parent's genetics, then the proportion of healthy vs unhealthy, fat vs lean, diabetic vs non-diabetic should remain the same over time. However, that is not the case. So we are doing something wrong to make things worse. Environmental changes, increase in stressful jobs apart, our quality of diet and exercise has been on the decline. We need to improve them. But, depending on the body type, you need to adjust your diet and exercise. So it is helpful to understand your body type based on your genetics. There are three body types in general -- endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. Figure out which body type you closely resemble and apply the fixes.

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