I passed a wonderful milestone today. This is my 100th post on this blog. I did not realize that I was so close to this milestone. When I first started I did not have any intentions of doing it for the long term. It was supposed to be just an online dairy. I wanted to pen down my daily activities and thoughts so I can recollect the memories and rediscover the days gone by. But thanks to encouragement from friends and family it grew into a blog for helping others :)

In the last 100 posts I wrote on various topics that I was either passionate about or because some one asked me to write about it. Here are some interesting posts/topics of the past

While I already wrote 100 posts, I still have a to-do list of 51! So if I continue to write, I should be able to reach 150 without even waiting for new topics :). The list comprises of things that either readers asked me to cover or I thought I should let everyone know (my daily activity or interests etc).

I am now nearing 2 years into retirement and for the first time since I started investing, I am finally going through bad market conditions. Interesting times. Learned a few skills and making good progress is everything I wanted to do post retirement. Especially the projects that I wanted to work on.

I reached my last milestone of 50 posts in 12 months, but to reach the next 50 it only took me 9 months all thanks to the market and of course my crazy projects. Not sure how long I will continue posting, but until then, happy reading.