I did not realize but I just completed 200 posts on this blog. That is unbelievable given that I did not have any plans to write for this long. Previously when I blogged (I have two other blogs), I never kept up for these many posts. Those blogs are now abandoned and probably will never see the light of another post. However, for this blog I still have a list of 30 articles that I want to cover in the future. So there is really no dearth of topics. I just need to get myself to work on them. Anyway, this is just a pat on my back sort of post and has nothing informative for you as a reader.


When I started the blog in 2018, I was planning on writing one post a week. I stuck to that goal. At the start of 2020, I challenged myself to write two posts per week as a new goal. And I did (mostly)! I like this tempo and most likely won't increase the velocity to more than two posts per week.

It took me a year and 9 months to reach first hundred posts. The next hundred took less than a year to complete. If I continue at this pace, I should complete 1000 posts on this blog by 2029! That is if I do continue to write.


I've written posts on a variety of topics some of which are not even related to financial planning. To tell you the truth, I did not start the blog as a financial advice tool. It was supposed to be a journal of my life after retirement. Due to requests from friends I wrote a few topics on financial planning and early retirement. I will continue blogging for as long as I enjoy journaling. It is almost 3 years into my retirement and the past 200 posts should give you a glimpse into my retired life. Although the blog is not designed for any specific type of readers hopefully you are still enjoying it!