How To Make Bio-Enzymes – Part II

This post continues from where I left off on Bio Enzymes. If you have not read that post, please start there. Once you have prepared the bio-enzyme, you can bottle them for different uses. I am including a video (see end of the post) showing the same.

There are three layers of the bio-enzyme — a thin translucent layer, a thick layer and finally the pulp. The thin layer is the topmost layer, which can be readily used in the washing machine and floor cleaning. The thick layer is the middle (second) layer which can be used for dish washing, as a pest repellent, for glass cleaning etc. This layer can also be filtered in a cloth to obtain a more clear layer for washing and floor purposes. I mix the first and second layer and use it as one product.

The third layer (bottom most) is primarily the leftover peels. This layer can be used for cleaning tough stains like chimneys, rust, stoves etc. This layer can also be used as a starter for your next batch of bio-enzyme. When used as a starter, your next batch will be ready within 30-40 days compared to a three month period. 

Various combinations can be done for these bio-enzymes. When you include more flowers, you can eliminate the need for any fragrance oils. My favorite combination is citrus peels in combination with soap nuts, neem leaves, and any flowers. With repeated use, you will notice that your clothes, skin are much more softer. Since having switched to these natural cleaners, its very hard for anyone to go back to the store bought ones. As always, if you need any hand holding, do let me know. 

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5 thoughts on “How To Make Bio-Enzymes – Part II”

  1. Great work. I’ve initiated 2 batches on 01-Feb and due to Covid situation I’m in native didn’t get a chance to utilize it. It is nice that we can add Basil or any flowers in initial stage itself to get the aroma, didn’t know that.

  2. I prepared with just citrus peels. Now I liked the idea of having Soap nut peels & Neem leaves but my doubt now is should we add them as part of ratio part? I’m using 2 ltr Coke bottle with 100g Jaggery + 300g Citrus peels + 1 KG water (1:3:10).
    So it should be like 250gms of Citrus peels and 50gms of Soapnut peels + Neem leaves right?

  3. Thanks, will try in my next batch. I’ll add fresh leaves and Rose petals in addition as a test with different ratio.

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