Whether you are planning to retire early or not, one thing that everyone needs to take care of is their mind and body. It is surprising how little time and care we devote to both in our mad rush to achieve things. Life is not always about goals and achievements. Sometimes it helps to stop and think if that is all that we really want. Did you ever wonder how much time do you actively spend on improving the mind and body?

The body

The easiest way to take care of our body is by giving it adequate sleep and nutrition. But in the busy life, we neglect sleep and eat like crap. Remember we have only one body for life. Think of it like the most expensive and perfect car that you can buy. The only catch is that it is the only car you can ever drive. If you let is rust or damage it, you will end up living without a vehicle for the rest of your life. Think of your body like that car. You got the best body you can get when you are born. If you let it rot when you are young, it will not last long.

The worn out body will give you much trouble later in the life. Strive to keep your body fit no matter how busy you are. It has to last a lifetime. Give it sufficient rest by sleeping well. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Eat healthy food as much as possible. Go on a fast at least for 24 hours every month. Try to do as much physical work as possible, like climbing stairs instead of using an elevator, biking or walking instead of using a car etc. The more you use your body, the more oiled it will be, just like that car that you need to keep driving and servicing.

The mind

Just like the body, we only have one mind and it needs great care. Don't let bad thoughts enter your mind. Keep it clean and healthy. Exercise it by reading and learning new things. Give it rest by practicing meditation and giving adequate sleep. Many times we compete with others just out of envy. Don't be envious of other's good fortune or possessions. You don't know what effort went into achieving something. Try to better yourself instead.

This is especially true in stock market. We see people making easy money by investing in stocks and feel envious of their luck. Then we feel the fear of missing out and start investing. And that is the time when the stocks fall. It wreaks havoc on your mind. Don't let that happen. Instead, have a plan and execute according to it. What you make may not be a lot, like the others, but it is certainly sufficient for your needs because you followed your plan. Everyone makes easy money when the markets go up, it does not mean the money will stay with them :).


This is one more of those posts which don't have a point. I wrote this in the hope that it will help some young reader. While I did not destroy my mind and body when I was young, I could have done much better if I had known what I know now. I would have exercised more and read more philosophical books. Although I started late, I at least realized now :). I hope the body and mind will be at their best until I die. I always believe in dying young as late as possible.