It is almost the end of the year and I already posted an article on reflecting back on the year. In my reflections I had a few ups and downs during the past year which are sort of covered in the quotes that follow. This post is going to be really short in that sense :). May be some of these apply to you and perhaps you felt something similar at some point in life? This is the last post on reflections for the year I promise!

This year has been a testing time for many. I have had my share of them too. Electronics went puff not once but twice, investments gone very wrong, a huge drop in the market, vacation plans changed thanks to COVID and so on. But I am still alive and healthy, so that's something to cheer about :).

A few bad chapters doesn't mean your story is over! | Forgotten quotes,  Gods love quotes, Love you quotes for him

Whether it be retiring early, unschooling, minimalism or even our eating habits puts us in the minority. We stand alone weathering the storm of the outside world which fails to understand. I am sure some of you feel the same way about somethings in your life.

The next quote is funny, because it is so true, the finger bowl part I mean :). Jokes apart, we really need to understand people before trusting. In no thanks to COVID there were many requests for support, but it is very difficult to trust who are really struggling and who are just out there to make money of someone's unfortunate situation.

Try to understand people ... | Quotes & Writings by Niharika Digumarthy |  YourQuote

The following one was very applicable at my work place and it still does apply even today. There are people who like to be loud and make themselves heard. And there are ones like me who prefer to be quiet unless there is something helpful to say (which is almost never). So why do people ask me "Why are you so quiet?".

Again the next one probably applies only to me so no point explaining it. See if it makes sense to you.

Sometimes Those Who Don't Socialize Much Aren't Actually Anti-social

See you next year...