Happy new year to the readers of my blog. I know that statement becomes stale quite quickly. Like every year, I reflect upon the events that happened over the last year and write a short summary of how things went and where I can improve for this year. Of course, every year is different with new challenges and events, so the learnings don’t always easily translate to the new one, but we should at least try :). Compared to 2021, the previous year was considerably better. There were no more crazy COVID-19 waves and people’s movement and businesses footfalls have gone back to their pre-covid levels. That is the good news in general at a global level. The bad news of course is the Russia Ukraine war and the persistently high inflation all over the world. In addition to that, I have my own highlights and lowlights at a personal level. Let me unwrap them quickly for you.

One thing I noticed in 2022 is that I have been doing a lot of repairs. There is the TV repair, phone repair, tablet repair and few other things. Not just that, but also several things in the house needed repairs and we had to take the service of the so called skilled personnel to get them fixed. There were a lot of costs associated with them too but I guess this is the new norm as the house and equipment age. I haven’t done much in the way of DIY this year because I was busy with many other things like travel and repairs. Hopefully, 2023 will be different.

Speaking of expenses, the most expensive thing to happen is the purchase of a new car! I am glad to have it though. The inflation generally has been bad, but I was not yet affected by it as much as I feared it would. May be things will change in the future, we just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, the markets did their own crazy dance going from good mood to bad mood and back. However, my corpus has been doing just fine. Nothing to write home about, nor is there anything to worry. Both inflation and corpus are still more or less inline with my expectations. One good news is that the Franklin fiasco that started some 2 years ago which locked up a bunch of my investments has finally resolved.

On the blog front, I wrote some 90 articles last year. Then I decided to stop doing virtual reunions because of lack of interest. So that gave me back some time which I can utilize for my projects or family. And in the same vein, this year I want to scale down the number of posts I write from 2 posts per week to 1 per week. Funny thing is that some of my friends (who are also readers of my blog) think that I only write once a week. So hopefully no one will notice :). The readership has been on the decline anyway, so it does not seem like I am helping much. Now I can get back even more time for family.

Readers on the decline

On the physical fitness front, I had a bad shoulder injury which put me out of commission for a few weeks of workout but nothing out of the ordinary. I am still eating healthy, maintaining lean mass and getting sufficient exercise. Our unschooling is also going well. Nothing much to write about. The kid is doing her own thing and we are supporting as best as we can.

That is all from my side and looking forward to another interesting year. Lets see what new things reveal themselves.