What do you tell your daughter when she asks for a doll house? Well if you are like me, retired and have no work then you will say "I will build one for you" :) . And so it began. We had a few corrugated cardboard boxes which were the packaging material used for some furniture or electronics. We decided to build the doll house using that material so we can reuse the waste and also teach our kid some hands-on building skills. Eventually it turned out to be a skill building session and a test of patience for me :).

Once we figured out how big of a house she wanted, I searched the internet for some blueprints for a doll house and found one that my daughter liked. We decided to build it. Instead of boring you with the details, I will use photos to explain how it got built over several days. One thing I learned the hard way is that it is difficult to get things done with an excited, impatient and curious soul running around asking "Is it done yet?", "How long will it take?", "I am bored" every five minutes. Anyway here it goes.

The cardboard that will eventually become the doll house -- "Is it done yet?"

Measuring and planning the design -- "How long will it take?"

Cutting the outlines -- "I am bored!" (this is about all the help you can get from her)

After having cut some walls and base for the doll house, it was time to hot glue them. Continuing on.

Having a deep meaningful conversation (really?) as we wait for the hot glue gun to warm up

After erecting a few outside walls

Outside walls and base are done. Madam gives a two thumbs up!

Now it is time to cut some inside walls and floors. The doll house is supposed to have a first floor, second floor and an attic. Lets get to work.

Checking the quality of work of inside walls on the first floor

Fixing the second floor

Attic floor is done too. Now some measurements for the roof.

The basic structure is done. Still need a roof and stairs to navigate between floors. Not sure if my daughter liked the doll house so far, but a cat sure did like it :) . Oh and about the cat. One day a cat visited our house. Not sure if someone owns it, but seems like a street cat. Strange thing is that it has earned our trust and was brave enough to come near us. It let us pat and soon started to roam around the house along with us. Ever since it has been visiting us quite often. I am a cat person, so obviously love having it. But we keep it out most of the time for fear of allergies. My daughter loves playing with it even though it scratched her a few times. Well, I will leave the cat story for another day, back to the doll house.

Cat in the doll house after having finished the staircase but no stairs yet

Roof is also done


Perspective view

I was supposed to build the stairs, but my daughter decided to decorate the doll house even before it was fully done. I was also thinking of pasting a white sheet over the outside walls and have her paint some colors.

"Too late Daddy, I have started furnishing my house"

"Here Daddy, let me help you with the hot glue gun"

Stairs are also done. House is now complete.

That is the story of how we built a doll house. It took a lot of time, and a whole lot of patience, but I am glad I built it. She enjoys playing her pretend tea party with her doll house. She thinks turning on her bedroom light (where she keeps her doll house) even in broad daylight means that it is morning and time for the dolls to wake up. And turning off the light means it is night. Oh well. I am now thinking if I should wire up some LEDs inside the doll house so she can have lights in various sections of the house and can turn the LEDs on and off. Seems like my projects never have an ending. New ideas keep popping up and I keep enhancing. Up, up and away!