There has been a sharp rise in the F.I.R.E. trend in the recent past. For those who don’t know, F.I.R.E stands for financial independence and retire early. It is the new fad in town which I am also part of :). In the past, people searching for financial independence used to trend around 20 queries a day on Google search. It has more than tripled if you look at the data from the last one year. I wonder why so many are looking for financial independence. Perhaps COVID-19 and the resulting work from home culture are to blame. Or may be the sudden rise in wealth because of the recent stock market bull run is the cause. I have no idea, but people seem to be more interested in F.I.R.E in the recent past more than before. Or at least that is what Google trends is indicating.

Source: Google Trends

If any of you have a hint as to why this is happening, do let me know by leaving a comment. Interestingly, the number of people who asked me about financial planning for early retirement or even financial independence has fallen down considerably in the very recent past. There were more people seeking information from me in 2020 and especially in 2021. Not so much this year. So perhaps the trend will go down in the future we will have to see. Or may be people are seeking information from better sources than mine. That is also a possibility. Whatever be the reason for the trend, I am glad that more people are thinking about financial independence. Lets see how long this lasts.