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  • Mid Year Portfolio Review

    I don't normally do mid year portfolio review but this time I made a exception. There were a couple of reasons for this. First I made a mistake in the way I calculated my XIRR because of which my return numbers were skewed. Second, the markets have gone crazy and I thought I should share my portfolio when the going is good :).

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  • SEBI Modifies Multi-cap Fund Classification

    What happens when a regulator tries to over regulate? This happens.

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  • Invest Across Market-caps for Better Returns

    If you want better returns for your investments, choose to invest across market caps. Generally, choosing 2-3 good multi-cap funds is sufficient for most investors. However, if you want to be a bit more aggressive with your investments, add some small-cap and mid-cap funds. But how much? That is the question I will try to answer in today's post.

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