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  • News - A Helpful Guide To The Investor?

    It is extremely funny to read stock market news. These days there is almost no useful news at all when it comes to investing. Makes me wonder why I still follow financial and business news. I will take up the case with a few articles that all arrived in my news feed on the same day plus some.

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  • Where is the Stock Market Heading?

    While I don't predict where the markets are headed, I sure do enjoy the news and commentary which do. Some headlines attract my attention when I am reading the daily news. I email myself those interesting articles which predict Sensex or Nifty to touch a certain level by a certain date. Then I snooze the email until that predicted data. If you didn't already know, gmail has this nifty (no pun intended) little feature which allows an email to be dismissed from your Inbox only to magically reappear on a certain date. I use it quite a lot. So in the past few days I have been receiving these emails from the past. Did their predictions pan out? If so, should we have acted on those predictions back when they were predicted? Lets find out.

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