How I Spend As A Minimalist

Minimalism in general sounds a bit odd to most people. Most of the time they tend to think that minimalism means being too miserly or living on a tight budget. But the reality is not even close to anything like that. Of course we do run on a budget, but certainly not on tight budget. Likewise, we spend quite a bit where we think it makes sense. Where we don’t see value, we tend to spend less. Minimalism is not about being a miser or not spending at all but about spending on stuff that is important to you. Minimalism … Continue reading “How I Spend As A Minimalist”

Cleaning Refrigerator Condenser Coils

Recently our refrigerator started to have some interesting problem. The cooling performance was becoming progressively worse by the day. Up until a month ago the weather is quite cool here in Bangalore. So food did not spoil much and we did not notice. But as the weather was warming up we observed the cooling to be not adequate. Eventually milk started to spoil. The place I live is notorious for frequent power-cuts. I wondered if that was to blame. But this never happened before even with a lot of power-cuts. I started debugging the problem and eventually found the cause. … Continue reading “Cleaning Refrigerator Condenser Coils”