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  • Update on Rain Water Harvesting Project

    One of the benefits of retiring is that you have a lot of free time and you itch to do something. But without a boss and a project to throw you around, you are on your own. Which means you can come up with whatever ideas that fancy you. One such idea was the rain water harvesting project. I blogged about it a few weeks ago and you can read all about it there. As I mentioned in that post, the project was still a work in progress as we were trying to improve some shortcomings and fixing bugs (software parlance). One of the issue we noticed with our setup was that a single 1 inch pipe is unable to drain out the water from the drum fast enough during heavy rainfall. So the drum is filling up and overflowing even as the 1" pipe is draining water from the drum. We finally fixed the issue now by replacing the 1" pipe with a 2" pipe and everything works like a charm. So here is an update on how we achieved it.

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