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  • Is It Better To Buy Or Rent A House?

    There are already tons of articles about which is better -- buy or rent. In this post I will give my perspective on this subject. The topic is about buying a house to live in as compared to renting a house. If you are looking to compare investing in real estate vs equity investment, you might want to read my other article. The problem with making this kind of comparison is that it depends on a lot of factors. Lets take an example to help understand.

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  • Borrow From Future or Gift Yourself in Future?

    Would you borrow a gift from the future or would you rather save up for a surprise gift in the future? That is how taking a loan vs saving works. If you take a loan, then you are borrowing money from your future. If you are saving, you will gift yourself a surprise in the future. Make your choice. In this post, I want to elaborate a bit more on step 2 of How to Retire Early in 5 Steps – Rid Yourself of Debt and Save Aggressively.

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