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  • Getting The Most Out Of Solar Panels

    It’s been a while since I updated you on my solar panel project. I thought I should continue where I left off. So after collecting all the data from my solar panels, batteries, grid and load, I observed something interesting. While the SMU was disconnecting the grid so that the load can run on batteries and solar energy, we are not fully utilizing the solar energy. During a perfectly clear day, the solar panel is generating more power than we can use during the day. The excess energy is just getting wasted. Can we do something about it?

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  • Realme X Review: 3 Months Later

    After a lot of research, I finally decided to buy Realme X although it did not meet all my criteria of a good phone. But after having used it for almost 3 months, I am really loving it in more ways than one. Here is a quick review of the phone in case some one decides to buy one. The 4 GB RAM with 128 GB storage flavor of the phone has an advertised price of Rs. 16,999 on Flipkart. But when I purchased it during the Diwali sale on Sep 30, 2019, it was available for Rs. 15,299 after discounts. Not the best deal because some other phones had deeper discounts especially if you don't care about the notch, but my heart was set on it, so went ahead and gifted myself one. It promptly arrived the very next day.

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