Solar Panel Project – Inception

I have been wanting to setup solar panels for several years now. It all started way back in August 2015 when for the first time the electricity bill touched Rs. 2,000. We don’t even have air conditioner so what gives? At this point I started looking at the past bills and noticed the slow rise in unit rates. If you are interested, I already wrote a post on the inflation of electricity bill. That got me thinking if it is time for some solar panels. The start of the journey So in 2015 I started my research into solar power. … Continue reading “Solar Panel Project – Inception”

Fixing My XIRR Calculations

For the longest time I was debating whether to consider dividend reinvestment as a transaction in my XIRR calculations or not. Until now I never used dividend reinvestment in my XIRR. The reason was simple. If I did not sell and buy something (dividend reinvestment), then why should it be a transaction? But finally after some thought and a nudge from Value Research I decided to fix it. Why do I have dividend reinvestment? In the past I invested in liquid and ultra-short term mutual funds that used to offer dividends. This was a while ago around 2011 to 2015 … Continue reading “Fixing My XIRR Calculations”

Exit Load In Mutual Funds

If you have been investing in mutual funds for any amount of time, you most likely know about exit load. Some mutual funds, typically the equity kind will charge the investors some fees if they exit the fund (redeem investments), before a certain time period. This is done to discourage investors from prematurely exiting the fund. You see, investment in equity is a long journey. You cannot invest today and expect stellar returns in a year. Of course this does not deter some people from having crazy expectations. It takes a long time to build wealth. There will be lots … Continue reading “Exit Load In Mutual Funds”

My Daily Routine: 2021 Edition

Every weekend, I call some two to four of my friends, relatives or ex-colleagues thanks to my Friends Roster project. And invariably at least one of them ask me what I do on a daily basis after retirement. They are curious as to how I spend my day. I have posted my daily routine more than two years ago including a complete time table. But I thought may be I should do a 2021 edition in case some things have changed since then. So here goes. I don’t know where my time goes. So to fix that I paused and … Continue reading “My Daily Routine: 2021 Edition”

Mistakes To Avoid If You Plan To Retire Early

There is no one straightforward way to reach the goal of early retirement. Although many people have attempted to streamline the process. And that includes me (see my 5 steps to early retirement) :). There are several other small things that you need to take care of before the grand picture emerges. One of them is expenses. Of course early retirement is not just about the finances. There is a lot more to it and early retirement is certainly not for everyone (see should you retire early?). But if you have already made up your mind, read on. Save a … Continue reading “Mistakes To Avoid If You Plan To Retire Early”

Laptop Upgrades And Lap Gadgets Review

Over the years I have been upgrading my laptop to keep it humming along. Normally the upgrades are mainly to help keep pace with the rising demands of my development tools. However, the latest upgrade to the laptop has been to extend the life of the laptop until I can buy another one. You see, I tend to upgrade my laptop every 5 years or so. I purchased my current laptop in late 2016. So it is almost time to replace it. Previous upgrades Before talking about the most recent upgrade, I should tell you that I already upgraded my … Continue reading “Laptop Upgrades And Lap Gadgets Review”

Comparison With Another FIRE Couple

You know how I like to compare myself with other FIRE (Financially Independent, Retired Early) individuals. So here is one more of them. I do the comparison because there are very few of them and I just started my journey. So comparing with others helps me understand how they think, behave and spend. That way I can check if I am inline with them or whether I am an outlier. Either of those situations is alright with me, but it is just a fun exercise. If you missed my earlier comparisons, you may be interested in the following My Expenses … Continue reading “Comparison With Another FIRE Couple”

Our Real Power Bill Inflation

In the last post I showed you that the electricity inflation over the last 9 was around 7% in Bangalore. Of course the inflation depends on how many units you use. If you are in the lower or higher slab than me then perhaps the inflation may be different for you. Power usage Below you can take look at our power usage (number of units consumed per month) in the last 9 years. As you will notice, the trend line has been trending down over the years. The number of units consumed went down from around 270 units in 2012 … Continue reading “Our Real Power Bill Inflation”

Power Bill Inflation

I don’t normally talk about my inflation numbers in this blog, because I don’t have a lot of data. I am the kind of guy who needs data to talk about things. To make sense of inflation we need at least 7 years worth of data. Ten years data will be more useful though. Thankfully I have some of my electricity bills since 2012. So there is long enough history to see the inflation in electricity bills in Bangalore. From 2012 to 2014 I have some bills but not all. From 2015 onwards I have the bills for each and … Continue reading “Power Bill Inflation”

The Role Of Luck

Luck has a huge role to play in one’s success or failure. We should not forget the role of luck in our lives. I am what I am is primarily because of how lucky I have been in many aspects of life. There are people who are more hardworking than I am and yet don’t have the results they deserve. I don’t know if there is any way to improve the chance of being more lucky. But the least we can do is to recognize that someone is in a position they are in because of some role luck played … Continue reading “The Role Of Luck”