Optimal Conditions For Self Directed Education

I spend a lot of time on Youtube trying to learn something or the other. And from time to time I arrive at some interesting videos shared by others. Most recently I watched the talk on Self Directed Education by Peter Gray. I suggest anyone interested in unschooling go watch it. I agree with most of what he says and we have been in the same thought process since we started our unschooling journey. What is special about this video is that towards the end (around 1 hour 10 minute mark), he lays out 6 principles of what he thinks … Continue reading “Optimal Conditions For Self Directed Education”

Virtual Meetup #5

Here is an invite to join me in a virtual meet-up to discuss random things on the topics of financial planning, early retirement, home schooling or sustainable living. We can share our stories and ask each other questions or give suggestions. As a group we can learn from each other’s experience, learnings and pit-falls. Since I post a lot about myself on this blog, you probably already know everything about me. But if you ever wanted to ask me something and did not bother to comment, this is your chance. These meetups will be held once every quarter. The next … Continue reading “Virtual Meetup #5”

One Year Since COVID, Franklin, Sensex And Other Lows

It has been a year since I have seen all kinds of lows of 2020. That year turned out to be quite bad. However, it seems like 2021 is not going to be much better when it comes to COVID. But not everything is as bad. This post is a look back at what happened since the last year lows (from my perspective) and how things are now compared to one year ago. Here are a few lows from a year ago around this time (March – April) COVID-19 cases start to rise in India Sensex is down more than … Continue reading “One Year Since COVID, Franklin, Sensex And Other Lows”

Living a Semi-Urban Life

Some of you might know that I live on the outskirts of Bangalore. The reasons were two-fold I wanted a place that was far from city but not too far. That way I can avoid the pollution and traffic. Have some greenery. And yet be able to catch a flight when I need to travel. Minimize my investment in real estate because buying a decent individual house in Bangalore is extremely expensive. That is all well and good, but you have to live with some extra “benefits” of this lifestyle. For one, the roads aren’t that great. You have to … Continue reading “Living a Semi-Urban Life”

Friends Roster – Presubmit, Continuous Integration, Deployment And Hosting

This is the continuation of “how I built the Friends Roster app” saga. If you missed the previous parts in this series, do check them out — part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8 and part 9. I know it must be getting pretty boring reading about the app for so long. But I promise this is the last one in the series. So far I have an app that can run both on android and on the web all from one code base. I have a lot of tests to make sure I don’t break anything. The code … Continue reading “Friends Roster – Presubmit, Continuous Integration, Deployment And Hosting”

How and When I Decided To Retire

A friend and reader of my blog asked me this question — I don’t know if you covered this in the blog, but could you write about how you arrived at a number for net worth where you felt comfortable retiring. I have written about my retirement journey which is scattered across many posts. So I thought I should consolidate and revisit the topic for the benefit of new readers. The way I decided I was able to retire was when I knew that my corpus (investments) has reached 25 times my annual expenses + some buffer. That basically is … Continue reading “How and When I Decided To Retire”

Friends Roster – Testing In Flutter

This is the continuation of “how I built the Friends Roster app” saga. If you missed the previous parts in this series, do check them out — part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7 and part 8. So far we have seen the code that runs the app. What about testing? Normally when I work on these hobby projects I don’t write any tests (gasp!). I know. I sometimes did feel the need for tests, especially if it is a large project with lots of moving parts. They help you when making changes to the code. You can be confident … Continue reading “Friends Roster – Testing In Flutter”

On The Other Side Of Early Retirement And Minimalism

It is interesting to know that the options for work increase dramatically after you announce that you retired. I did not know this fact. Not just that but people generally tend to have a different outlook about you. I will share some interesting observations I made after my retirement. Popularity goes up My popularity went up after early retirement. I was never the popular kid. However, soon after my retirement there have been requests for my involvement in various things ranging from asking me to work on start-ups collaboration on writing research papers working on patents becoming an independent director … Continue reading “On The Other Side Of Early Retirement And Minimalism”

Friends Roster – Responsive Layouts

This is the continuation of “how I built the Friends Roster app” saga. If you missed the previous parts in this series, do check them out — part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 and part 7. One of the nice features of Flutter is building responsive layouts is quite simple. It is certainly easier than building responsive layouts in HMTL or Android. As you already know, the reason I chose Flutter is because I can build for both the web and android from one code base. That means I had to design the UI to adapt to large screens and … Continue reading “Friends Roster – Responsive Layouts”

News – A Helpful Guide To The Investor?

It is extremely funny to read stock market news. These days there is almost no useful news at all when it comes to investing. Makes me wonder why I still follow financial and business news. I will take up the case with a few articles that all arrived in my news feed on the same day plus some. Does specific data from the past help? Lets take this article titled “Investor wealth rises 9 times over past 10 years in Motilal Oswal Nasdaq ETF“. Alright some fund gave a return of 24% annualized for the past 10 years. How is … Continue reading “News – A Helpful Guide To The Investor?”