Investment Analysis App

For the past few months I have been working on a web app that would let me slice and dice my investment data so I can do some analysis and answer interesting questions about my investment. I am finally (mostly) done with the app and published it recently. In this post, I will go over my investment strategies and how they played out using the data from the app. Disclaimer: You might see me mention some of the funds that I had invested in the past or perhaps still holding, and their returns. None of the names mentioned here should … Continue reading “Investment Analysis App”


Now that we completed understanding macro-nutrients, it is time to understand micro-nutrients and their role in health. Micro-nutrients are essential parts of food that is required in small amounts. These include vitamins such as A, B, K etc and minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc etc. Vitamins are required for a healthy immune system, converting food to energy, healthy eye sight and so on, where as minerals help in fluid balance, growth, muscle functioning. We need to obtain most of the vitamins and minerals from food since our body cannot make some of them. So what are the different kinds … Continue reading “Micronutrients”

Macronutrients: Fat

We have come to the final macro nutrient — fat, which has got a poor rapport with health. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Fat is not as bad as they are made out to be. Fats are blamed for build up of cholesterol which is in turn related to many of the heart diseases. But did you know that eating the right type of fat can actually reduce cholesterol? More importantly, your body needs fat in good quantity, and hence it is a macro nutrient. Lets find out more about fat, what to eat and … Continue reading “Macronutrients: Fat”

Macronutrients: Proteins

Continuing my health series, today I want to talk about proteins, one of the three macronutrients. I already discussed at length about the importance of carbohydrates in my previous posts, so now it is the turn of proteins. While carbohydrates provide energy to do work, proteins provide amino acids, the building blocks for cells and muscles. Since our body is constantly replacing cells and repairing our body, it needs adequate amount of amino acids to do its work properly. There are 20 types of amino acids, but only nine of them are essential, which means our body cannot make them … Continue reading “Macronutrients: Proteins”

Rain Water Harvesting Project

When it came to self-sustainability, I was interested in doing three projects — growing organic vegetables, setting up water harvesting and generating power from solar panels. While we cannot certainly be fully self sustaining if I completed the projects, we could at least be less dependent on outside factors. A while ago we started growing vegetables in our side yard and terrace. I need to get around to writing a post on it. Some topic or the other always comes up and I write a post on it and eventually the post on terrace garden is way overdue. I did … Continue reading “Rain Water Harvesting Project”